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Regular school attendance at school is important so that pupils can maximise their educational opportunities.

Good school attendance habits are best started early. Children learn from those around them and you as parents/carers set the standards and expectations for your child. Showing your child the importance of attending school every day not only helps your child to settle quickly when starting school but helps them to keep and maintain friendships and enjoy the school environment.

Attendance guide for parents

Our school is committed to providing a quality education for all pupils. We believe that pupils can only benefit from the good education in our school through regular school attendance. We will, therefore, strive to achieve the maximum possible attendance for all pupils and we will make sure that any problems are identified and resolved quickly. This will be achieved by school staff, pupils, parents, carers and external agencies all working together in a team approach.

How parents can help give their child a good education:

  • Ensure that their children attend school regularly and that they arrive on time.
  • Keep all medical appointments outside of school times. We accept that for hospital appointments this may not be possible.
  • Take family holidays in times set aside for holidays i.e. 13 weeks each year which are outside term time.
  • Contact the school whenever their child is absent, giving details of the reason or the absence and the length of time the child will be away. The school telephone number is 01296 489 264.
  • Help their child prepare for the school day by ensuring that homework has been done and the child has everything he/she needs for the day ahead.
  • Attend Parents’ Evenings to discuss progress or problems and talk to the staff if there are problems or changes in family circumstances which may affect the child.


If your child needs time away from for any reason, please click here to notify us.




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