Turnfurlong Junior School


The Year 4 Team 2022-23

Year Leader - Mrs Burton-Gardner

4T - Mrs Burton Gardner

4J - Miss Cachaza

4S - Mrs Plenderleith

Teaching Assistants - Miss O’Grady, Miss Morgan, Mrs Ansley, Mrs Hale, Mrs Northcott, Miss Podpora



Core Information and Documents for Year 4

Key Learning Objectives for Maths across Year 4

Reading and Writing Key objectives - National Curriculum

What is my child learning in each subject?  Building Knowledge and Skills Organisers Overview - Year 4




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DT Geog History PE


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Autumn Term

Further information for parents 

Autumn Newsletter 2021

Knowledge Organisers for Autumn  (coming soon)

Spring Term

Further information for parents 

Spring Newsletter 2022

Knowledge Organisers for Spring (coming soon)

Summer Term

Further Information for parents - Summer

 Summer Newsletter 

Knowledge Organisers for Summer (coming soon)

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