Turnfurlong Junior School



TJS is a community with a diverse cultural and linguistic background where all individuals’ cultures are respected, nurtured and celebrated.  French is the core language taught, but we aim to provide opportunities for children to experience other languages.  Through specialist teaching, we will develop the four key skills for learning a foreign language: listening, speaking, reading and writing through a variety of topics and through a range of medium.   We enhance these opportunities with links with a french school and links with other countries.  Alongside developing language awareness we will also develop cultural awareness so children are able to make comparisons between their culture and others.  We aim to develop children’s curiosity, resilience and confidence in learning a new language to enable them to continue to build on these skills when choosing further languages at secondary school.

Curriculum Overview


Turnfurlong Lane, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire HP21 7PL

01296 489264