Turnfurlong Junior School


Our school is built on the foundation of kindness, happiness, honesty and respect

Where self-belief and resilience is grown through challenge and inclusion for all

So children can become independent, creative and confident individuals and able to achieve their dreams.


 At school we use the following Rights and Responsibilities to establish our school rules.

At school, we encourage the following:

I have the right to:
Be heard
Be safe
Be respected
Use school property

I have the responsibility to:
Do my best
Listen to others
Look out for others
Treat others with respect
Respect school property

Class rules:
Keep on task, be organised for lessons
Follow instructions, listen while others speak
Use equipment with care, keep your hands to yourself
Encourage - never put down, be courteous and polite
Treat our classroom with care, tidy up after yourself

Turnfurlong Lane, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire HP21 7PL

01296 489264