Turnfurlong Lane, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire HP21 7PL

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Turnfurlong Junior School

Medical and Welfare

Staff at Turnfurlong Junior have been trained to assist with all basic first aid requirements.  

Mrs House and Miss Warriner are our Welfare Officers who primarily look after children requiring medical attention.

It is important to us that children with additional medical needs are given the same opportunities as all other children, including given the option to be present in school, even if they require a specific treatment or medication.

Key staff are trained in 'Administering Medication in Schools' and have will have specific training for more complex needs. 

 All children who require specific medication, or have specific medical needs, have a Healthcare plan which is updated at least annually. 


If your child requires any type of medication such as inhalers, piriton, antibiotics (if needed 4 times per day) etc, please visit our medication page.