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Turnfurlong Junior School

TJS Curriculum


We are incredibly proud of the rich and engaging curriculum that we offer.  It has been designed to include and engage all learners, respond to the needs of all children and relate to the context of our diverse community.  We have planned a broad and balanced curriculum that allows for depth of teaching and learning access to all subject areas whilst offering new and exciting learning opportunities for everyone.  The curriculum not only develops each child academically but socially, morally, spiritually and culturally in order to prepare them for their place in the wider world.  Specialist teachers are used to enhance subjects and opportunities are sought to make links to the wider world through community projects, global links and educational visits alongside the wide variety of extra-curricular activities the school offers.   Our curriculum intentions are based on our core values : Dream, Believe, Grow,  Achieve, from which our moral and learning behaviours are established and woven throughout each subject and part of school life.  

Our moral learning behaviours were developed after collaboration across all members of the school community:

Kindness, Happiness, Honesty, Respect, Self-Belief, Resilience, Challenge, Inclusion, Independence, Creativity, Confidence and Curiosity


Intention 1 - Encourage all children to dream without limits

At TJS we encourage all children to dream about having an ambition future and not put limits on these aspirations.  Our curriculum aims to provide the opportunities needed to develop skills and attributes that will enable them to be successful

Intention 2 - Encourage all children to believe in themselves, their ability and capacity to make their dream a reality

The curriculum and school ethos is based around growth mindset and opportunities are given for children to take risks, challenge themselves, and develop self-belief both within lessons and across wider curricular activities.  By helping the children understand that making mistakes is part of learning and developing coping strategies when things do not go according to plan will help develop the independence and resilience that is needed to cope with the challenges that we all can face. 

Intention 3 - Ensure all children grow the knowledge, skills attitudes and characteristics of success 

The curriculum at TJS has been designed to ensure that there is clear progression across each National Curriculum subject with opportunities to build on prior knowledge and skills. Questions and discussions within the curriculum aim to develop creativity and curiosity in their learning. Through inclusion for all, we ensure adaptations are made for children to support and challenge in order for them to succeed.   To grow knowledge, skills and characteristics of success, we strongly believe that the curriculum extends beyond the National Curriculum. Therefore, we make it a high priority to provide opportunities for extra-curricular clubs, educational visits, residentials, visitors as well as the extensive leadership opportunities for the children through our School Parliament.   

Intention 4 - Lay the foundations for our children to achieve their dreams 

We aim to ensure that our curriculum responds to the needs of our children and reflect the context of both the local community and wider world.   Through high aspirations for all and high-quality, meaningful learning opportunities, our curriculum aims to ensure that each child can achieve those dreams.