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Parent Feedback


Parent View Questionnaire Spring 2021

Feedback and Actions

  • Communication methods - sometimes things get missed and mixed messages
    •  Communication has been slightly more challenging over the last year as information has sometimes had to go out last minute with the pandemic.   We are hoping that some sense of normality will resume which should hopefully help.    These are the normal communication procedures:
      • Letters will be sent out on a Friday alongside the school newsletter so parents know that is the day that information is given out.  Reminders for forms etc will always be in the school newsletter
      • We use Facebook for sharing celebratory news with the school community and for general reminders or last minute unforeseen announcements.  If the announcement is last minute we will also send a parent mail out 
    • Knowing what my child is learning
      • We are currently revisiting our termly curriculum newsletters that go out to all year groups which explains what your child is learning during the term.   These will re-launch in the summer term.
      • We have also just re-launched our school website and over the next term, all the information regarding the curriculum and what your child is learning will be easily accessible on there.
    • Club opportunities - particularly alternatives to sport
      • We are very proud of the clubs and wider activities that we normally offer at TJS and are extremely frustrated that these have not been possible during the current pandemic due to risk assessments.  Whilst the children were at school we were able to offer each year group cross country and this was able to be socially distanced, did not involve lots of equipment and it could be outside.  Over lockdown we are trying other club alternatives such as international club, choir and newspaper club
      • Please be assured that as soon as we are able to safely re-start clubs we will.   For those of you in Years 3 & 4 you probably do not know the range of clubs that we have had on offer before - here are just a few examples : 
        • Gardening Club, Art & Craft Club, Warhammer Club, Choir, Orchestra, 3D Print Club, Lego Club, Cooking CLub, Netball, Football, Athletics, Tag Rugby, Cross County, Skype club with link school in France, Newspaper Club, International Club, Cycling, Archery, Gymnastics, Tennis
    •  Teaching about finances & money
      • This is now part of the revised PSHE curriculum
    • Greater diversity of literature across cultures
      • This is currently on the school development plan and is being planned in as we are revising the school curriculum.   Plans for this have already been put in place so the children experience a wider range of cultural books and books from different times.
    • More reward certificates
      • This is a focus on our normal friday achievement assemblies - we are currently looking at ways in which we can support this in the current climate.

    Remote Learning Parent Feedback Spring 2021