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Turnfurlong Junior School


Oracy is the ability to articulate ideas, develop understanding and engage with others through spoken language.  At Turnfurlong Junior School we aim to inspire our children to ‘Dream, Believe, Grow & Achieve’.  We believe that oracy is a key building block to empowering students to achieve their full potential.  Through direct oracy teaching and providing ample opportunities to talk about their learning, we aim to ensure that children are able to articulate themselves coherently and improve their understanding of the world around them.  We aim to weave these skills through a talk-rich, engaging curriculum using talk as a tool for learning, ensuring that all voices are valued.  Through oracy we aim to build the active listening skills and critical thinking skills that will serve the children through all stages of their education.

Working with Voice 21, we are using their program to implement an inclusive oracy curriculum that progresses year on year. 

Some of the key benefits of an oracy approach are:


  • Oracy increases confidence, empowering students with the belief that their voice has value, developing the ability to articulate thoughts so others will listen.
  • Oracy improves academic outcomes, developing learners who can think critically, reason together and have the vocabulary to express their knowledge and understanding.
  • Oracy fosters wellbeing, supporting students to build successful relationships, talk through issues, express feelings and resolve conflicts. 
  • Oracy equips students to thrive in life beyond school, helping them to progress, access employment and engage in civic life.