Turnfurlong Junior School



At TJS, it is our intent that all children will be ‘lifelong learners’ with the confidence and ability to develop their skills and understanding when having new experiences, meeting new challenges and finding themselves in unfamiliar situations.  We share a cohesive vision to help children to understand and value how they and others fit into and contribute to the world and enable them to build positive and respectful relationships within both the school and wider community.   

We provide a progressive curriculum through the three core strands: Relationships, Health & Wellbeing and Living in the Wider World. We have a strong focus on emotional literacy, developing an awareness of feelings and emotions and teaching strategies to manage difficult feelings.  Whole school approaches such as ‘Zones of Regulation’ are implemented to ensure a cohesive and inclusive approach to PSHCE.  There is a strong focus on digital literacy and ensuring children are equipped with the knowledge and understanding of how to stay safe online.

Through these strands, we want to nurture mental and physical health, enable children to be curious about the world they live in whilst developing empathy and building resilience.  By weaving our moral and learning behaviours through not only our PSHE curriculum but the whole curriculum, we aim to develop the qualities and attributes children need to thrive as individuals, family members and members of society and the global community.

Curriculum Overview


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