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Parents are encouraged to schedule their child’s medication so that they don’t need a dose during the school day. For example, a child who is on antibiotics to be taken three times a day, can take all three doses outside of school hours and therefore the school will not administer it.  The school will however administer antibiotics that require 4 doses a day.


If your child does need medication during school day, the following guidelines should be followed.

Only prescription medication should be brought into schools. This includes antibiotics (we can only administer antibiotics if the dosage is required 4 times per day), asthma inhalers, AAIs , insulin syringes etc.  

Medications must be brought into school in their original container, as dispensed by a pharmacist, labelled with your child’s name. They must include instructions for administration, dosage and storage, as well as possible side effects.  

You must provide written consent for your child to be given the medication. Please use the online form below. You will need to complete this form every time your child brings a new type of medication to school.

All medications must be in date.

If a sharps box is required for the disposal of injectors, parents should obtain it on prescription and pass it on to the school.

You must collect any leftover medication that your child no longer needs, or medicines that have passed their expiry date, from the school. This should be done routinely at the end of every term.


If your child requires medication during the school day, please complete the online form below prior to bringing the medication into school.  All medication should be in the original packaging with a prescription label.

Parents can be assured that your child(ren) will be given their medication and looked after throughout the day.


Permission - Use of Asthma Inhaler In School

Permission to Administer Medication Form

Individual Health Care Plan Form