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PE is a vital part of school life and ultimately children’s future well-being.  It is therefore our intent to provide an inclusive, broad and balanced PE curriculum that ensures all children will benefit, whether through enhancing existing skills, learning new skills or being introduced to new sports, clubs, teams and organisations.

We offer a wide range of sporting opportunities which ignites a passion for exercise and fitness which in turn allows children to live a fit and healthy lifestyle.  We will develop skills that children not only need to use in sport but also everyday life such as teamwork, communication and resilience.  We aim to build on grass root skills to support and enable children to access and compute at a competitive level if they want to.

Beyond merely a subject, we believe that participation in sporting activity is a key element of developing a school in which pupils are proud of the community in which they belong.  Therefore, great emphasis is placed upon additional sporting opportunities beyond the lesson within before and after-school clubs, inter-house and inter-school competitions and festivals as well as directly trying to support the local clubs in the area.  We believe this is another way in which we can positively engage with our local community and be active citizens within it. 

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